Friday, 4 May 2012

Beginning Theory with Peter Barry.

This is not much of a big post (Length-wise) but important nevertheless. It is important because I am learning theory from scratch and this book by Barry is just amazing. I recall Senoir S asking us to read this book for starters- I just couldn't lay hands on a library copy. It was always in issue.

So, last summer I bought a copy myself and this summer I have started reading through it. Skimming actually. But he makes so much sense. Especially in the introduction to all the theory beginners. And all my hours of brooding on the intellectual ineptitude to understanding very flowery french critics already looks like a huge waste of time. I should have read Barry!

So, if anyone out there is actually in a crisis- trying to "understand" theory, or atleast "be on the same page" with the literary critics; I would advise you to begin with Barry. Remember he is not exhaustive- no book can ever be exhaustive- we need our judgement to complete anything we read or study- but what Barry provides is a balm for the intellectually bruised and a good place to start off from. It is a very personal rendition of beginning to understand theory. More like pointers telling you to look for what and where, and most importantly includes you in the theory.

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