Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Research Blues

What is it that we all hope to learn by doing research?

This is my first, official research and it's left me with important questions. And until I answer them and feel satisfied I know that I am going to face a meltdown and loathe my project.

What does research entail? Are we looking at a paper that will deliver differently? Are we looking for the stamp of our intellect, academic competency or personality? I for one begin my analyses from questions. My reading provides me with sufficient important questions- that may or may not be in congruence with the objective of the course- but they are important for me to understand the texts and the narratives.

I work around the questions, reading and re-reading the text and finding other material that will help me validate my point or counter-argue my views.

But two afternoons in the library- and I am confused- where is "theory"? There is absolutely no theory in my research. I am using ideas and narrative techniques but where is Theory!

So now I am left wondering what went wrong- have I lost faith in my research? or am I not cut out for academic research?

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